While we believe our staff is always ready to help, we feel the need to compile a few questions that most clients ask about. So here, you will find the questions and all information you need about 3D/4D ultrasound. The questions are from past clients and in case you don’t see your question, feel free to reach out. 


Sneak A Peek Boutique is Columbia’s first ultrasound studio providing The Pregnancy Experience to expectant mothers and families.  Our ultrasound services include 2D, 3D/4D, and live streaming using the BabyFlix application. At Sneak a Peek Boutique, you can get an ultrasound, shop for mom and baby, complete your gift registry, or book your gender reveal or baby shower! We are the one-stop-shop for all things maternity and baby!

An elective prenatal ultrasound is a sneak peek of your baby outside of your doctors office. We are here for fun! No medical diagnosis or treatment will be provided. Insurance will not be billed for these ultrasounds, as they are for entertainment purposes only.

3D/4D ultrasounds are yet to be linked with health risks to baby or mom-to-be. All of our ultrasonography as board certified and have years of fetal ultrasound and babyface imaging.

Most expectant mothers ask about the ideal timing for 3D/4D ultrasounds. Ideally, 26-32 weeks is the sweet spot for 3D/4D imaging. If you come before 26 weeks, you sweet baby may not have enough fluff in those cute cheeks or lips for a good 3D/4D image. 3D/4D ultrasounds after 32 weeks get tricky as the baby is getting bigger and more crowded. As the baby gets bigger and makes their way south, imaging can be little more tricky.

2D: your sweet baby at first glance. View your baby’s features as early as 8 weeks! These images are best used for profile pictures and gender determination. These are typically black and white.

3D/4D: ultrasounds in 3D allows you to see a three-dimensional view of your baby in color. 4D ultrasound is a 3D view but in real time allowing you to see little movements and capture video. 

Your appointment time varies depending on the package you purchase. The actual scanning (or belly time) listed on the package is what you can expect for total view time with the sonographer.  Your appointment time will be slightly longer as we will ask you to fill out some paper work and download the BabyFlix application if you have not yet done so.

General faqs

Absolutely! The ultrasound experience is joyous, and it would be great if all family members and friends share the experience with you. Our ultrasound room comfortably accommodates parties of 2-5, however we can make room for more when needed. Please ask our staff about accommodations for large parties prior to your appointment.

There are plenty of rumors floating around about the ideal way to get clearer ultrasound pictures. Some talk of putting peas on the belly, others talk about eating sweets. But one proven way of getting better imaged include drinking lots of water. Adequate hydration for a couple days prior to your scan can help with better picture quality. So, drink up!

Yes. Our ultrasound technology is no different from those done in hospitals, although we only do elective prenatal scans. Ultrasounds performed at Sneak A Peak are done for entertainment  purposes only and should not substitute a doctor’s appointment. That said, we capture high-quality images throughout your pregnancy.

No guarantees. Our sweet babies have a mind of their own! We will try everything in our power (including positioning, stimulation and the Cupid Shuffle) to get the best quality photos during your session but we cannot always guarantee cooperation. For instance, if the baby is looking downwards or towards the mom’s spine, it is tricky to reveal the baby’s face. If we are unable to get quality shots or if we are unable to confidently determine the fetal sex, we may offer a complimentary follow-up ultrasound at the sonograhers discretion. Scans may be affected depending on the baby’s position, amount of fluids, gestation (weeks of pregnancy), and mother’s condition.

To ensure confidence in our scans, we prefer gender determination scans any time after 14 weeks gestation. If we are unable to confidently determine your baby’s sex at this scan, we will bring you back for a complimentary follow-up ultrasound. We want to be excited and confident too!

Yes! We offer BabyFlix for live streaming and a photo gallery. Live Streaming is included in the Premium 3D/4D Package. This application gives you the chance to share your experience with friends and family all over the globe. You will have a private and secure connection where only those with the shared link can view the event. Feel free to share to friends, family and on social media! Download the application prior to your appointment and please let us know if you want to Live Stream.

There are two City of Columbia parking garages within a short walking distance to our store. They are both accessible from Taylor Street. If you are lucky, you might find a parking spot on the street. Be sure to pay the meter!

Insurance and policies

No. As we are a non-diagnostic elective ultrasound studio, we will not be filling insurance. Remember, we are not a substitute for your routine OB care. Doctor’s excuses for missing work or school will not be provided.

We ask that cancellations be made at least 24 hour prior to scheduled ultrasound. If cancellations occur after 24 hour prior to your scan or if you do not show up for your ultrasound, we reserve the right to keep your $50 ultrasound deposit. 

Full refunds will be provided if cancellation or appointment alterations are made 24 hour prior to scheduled appointment. 

Re-scans: A complimentary re-scan will be offered at the Sonographers discretion if we are unable to complete a gender determination scan with confidence or if we are unable to get quality images.