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Little Hometown

Little Hometown Iris Burp and Bib (Floral)

Little Hometown Iris Burp and Bib (Floral)

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Celebrating the Tennessee state flower, we bring the lovely iris swaddle and bib collection. the iris is native e all throughout North America, but notably in the southern and eastern us. these unisex burp and bibs are great gifts. everyone needs more bibs. make your own multipacks. extremely soft and extremely thick, they will lap up everything thrown at them. These are also very large and wrap fully around and can be comfortably worn for hours

The fact that they function both as burp cloths and bibs make it a great transitional item that people can use for years. It can be used as a burp cloth in the early months, and then it snaps to convert into a full coverage bib once solid foods are introduced.

Size: 10” x 24”; fabric: bamboo rayon, cotton

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