Sneak a Peek Boutique is the first of it's kind 3D 4D ultrasound studio in Columbia, South Carolina. Expecting parents and their families can come and enjoy the pregnancy experience from the time they discover they are pregnant until 12 months postpartum!

Going through two pregnancies of my own and comparing these experiences with my friends and patients, it was apparent that Columbia was in need of a maternity make-over! I would hear repeatedly that there were no maternity clothing boutiques, baby clothing was limited, and gift registry was limited to big box stores. Putting this together with my background as a nurse practitioner in Women's health (OB/GYN), I knew just what Soda City needed; the true pregnancy experience.

Our vision for Sneak a Peek Boutique is a cute boutique store focused on expecting moms and dads (kids and grandparents too..) throughout the entire pregnancy and postpartum period. An ultrasound studio where you can bring your loved ones to expereince your baby's early heart beat, "first selfie", and even see live high definition 3D4D imaging and video of your new addition! We don't want the experience to end with an ultrasound, we want to help you find perfect pregnancy dress, yoga pants or matching "mommy and me" hospital gown. We want your friends and family to come to Sneak a Peek Boutique for your baby shower needs and everything in-between!

We hope to serve Columbia well by providing amazing non-diagnostic fetal ultrasounds during all stages of pregnancy. We also hope to be Columbia's one-stop shop for all things maternity and baby. We look forward to serving, and styling you :)